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Decks, Pergolas, Trellis

Outdoor landscape structures

Extend your indoor spaces to the outside with outdoor landscape structures

Outdoor landscape structures like decks, pergolas, and trellis’ are another endless component of the landscape that can be both customized and utilized to satisfy your desire for outdoor living solutions. Wooden structures (or materials of similar nature) can be used with many types of natural woods or manufactured products to produce outdoor living spaces like decks, pergolas and trellis that extend your indoor living spaces outdoors.

Outdoor living or kitchen spaces may need to provide shelter or privacy, we can provide those desires with these structural solutions. The design elements that make up these components are once again have a very wide range of design details, shapes and sizes and have so many possibilities and materials to choose from.  Your designer has the ability work hand in hand with you to add these different accents to your landscape design to meet your needs.  These features add height, elevation, texture and interest to your regular landscaping.  We can incorporate these features strategically in your design to meet your lifestyle needs.

We proudly service the Lehigh Valley, Allentown, Bethlehem, Bucks County, Easton, Northampton County and beyond.

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